Psychological and Physical Effects

In the Body


Due to our population’s growing consumtion of beverages and snacks high in caffeine, that were not around many years ago, researchers have taken an initiative to pinpoint exactly what caffeine does within our bodies. Numerous studies have found that 300 milligram of caffeine a day is the threshold for the general population. This recommended limit is high enough to provide physical and psychological health benefits, but low enough to prevent addiction, and negative health issues.

Caffeine can have different stimulation effects from person to person based on factors including his or her height, weight, metabolism, activity level, and tolerance.


Caffeine does stimulate, or excite the brain and nervous system. Because of this stimulation effect, many individuals believe that caffeine, specifically a cup of coffee, will reduce the effects of alcohol. Caffeine is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant, they do not cancel each other out. Caffeine will not help an individual “sober-up.” It mearly masks his or her intoxication and makes that person focus more. The combination of alcohol and caffeine can cause an individual to make many bad decisions. In the past decade, alcoholic beverages containing caffeine were put on the market. Shortly after their mass production and sale they were taken off the market due to their negative influence on the consumer.(“Why Mixing Alcohol and Caffeine is so Deadly”)

Caffeine has a psychological and physical impact on the body. Each person may react diffently based on the amount of caffeine they have consumed and the caffeine source.

Psychological Effects

Physical Effects


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